Our Impact

When you buy from nightrose, your purchase makes a real difference to the lives of our artisans and their communities, this is their story…

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Artists and Creators

While our first product, these beautiful 100% cotton pajamas, are designed in South Africa, they are made by the designer’s longtime partner in India. This local manufacturer in Jaipur works tirelessly.

The Comfort of Women

We started this business because of how everyone has had to adapt during the pandemic. We see this business as a way to comfort and support amazing, resilient women, helping you feel beautiful and luxurious!

A Cause

If we support an organization or a cause, we will write a small blurb here about it and how we relate to it.

The World

While our lives have been turned upside down in the past year, taking time to adjust and so many struggling, one thing has improved: the earth. Over the past year, the dramatic decrease of engine fuels and waste production and pollution has improved the environment and wildlife. We hope to play our part by shipping in only Eco-friendly products, such as our beautiful mailer, made from recycled products and able to be recycled again! We hope as we grow that we can find more ways of making our business an ally of the earth!